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Christos Angelides,

Group Product Director, Next plc

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Tracking the best candidates through our in-house market intelligence service, we located the 'perfect' Commercial Director for Fresh Olive, an international food manufacturer and retailer.



With a strong growth trajectory, the business was looking to take a big step forward to accelerate turnover and growth. We were asked to fill the newly created role of Commercial Director who would bring together all functions under sales and marketing. The key challenge in this search was finding someone with a solid marketing and sales background who also possessed an entrepreneurial spirit to match the business culture.



We researched the European market, tracking high flyers within the food, drink and leisure industries using our in-house market intelligence service. A strong shortlist of four extremely competent candidates was delivered in less than five weeks.



The Commercial Director placed by Endaba was described as the “perfect fit” for the role and the ideal person to take the company forward as it continues to grow.



"Endaba has done a fantastic job filling a number of senior incremental posts over the last couple of years to help restructure our business for a period of rapid growth. Endaba's very human and instinctively intelligent approach has solicited an intimate understanding of the particular needs and dynamics of our business. Shortlists are invariably very strong and ticking the majority of boxes on the brief, but also provide us with candidates that are culturally compatible. One of the strongest endorsements I can provide is that this sense of being well cared for, matched and understood is invariably shared by the candidates themselves, who can so often feel like they are no more than a commodity in the recruitment world."




Adam Wells, Director, Fresh Olive



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