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We carried out company-wide leadership coaching, market intelligence and executive searches for General Mills, one of the largest global food manufacturers, leading to double-digit growth.



Due to improved brand perception and rapid business growth directly attributed to the success of our leadership development programmes, a number of new roles were created and there was a need to future proof the business with a better understanding of the European market and improved in-house capabilities.



With Endaba’s integrated services proposition, we were able to build on the success of our leadership and cultural development programmes by supporting General Mills with our executive search service to fulfil a number of new senior roles, created due to the rapid company growth. Plus, utilising our experienced in-house market intelligence team, we gathered extensive intelligence on the European market to strengthen their in-house capabilities and keep them abreast of competitive business developments.



Our leadership development programme delivered a company-wide shift in leadership behaviours and an effective trust based structure, leading to business growth, while our executive search expertise enabled us to find a number of strong leaders to drive the business forward plus reduce recruitment costs.  Our market intelligence service bolstered in-house capabilities for future success. In combination the three integrated services saw improved business performance resulting in double-digit growth, as well as improved attraction and retention of great people.



"At General Mills we have already seen Endaba’s trust programme borne out in our business performance as well as in the attraction of talented new people and the retention of great people already in our business.  Partnering with Endaba has enabled us to further develop our working environment and culture of trust. This has resulted in significant business benefits and our people agree that we have made significant progress. Through an anonymous employee survey, General Mills UK & Ireland was recently named the UK’s fifth Most Trusted Management Team in the Financial Times’ Great Place to Work survey 2008."




Jim Mosley, Chief Executive,

General Mills (UK & Ireland)



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