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Christos Angelides,

Group Product Director, Next plc

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We equipped Homeserve, a company undergoing a reverse take-over with the people and intelligence it needed to thrive in its new form, leading to three promotions for the new executives and all our recommendations being implemented.



Ahead of a planned take-over of a FTSE-listed business, we were briefed to carry out people due diligence of the businesses. Endaba had to understand the complexities of a reverse take-over and the challenges this presented.



We successfully identified key performers best suited to the organisation’s new direction through our discreet in-depth market intelligence, one-on-one-conversations and our understanding of the complexities of acquisitions. With this successfully delivered, we were retained to recruit four leaders to drive growth for the newly merged business to avoid areas of weakness and reducing financial risks.



All of our market intelligence recommendations were put into action. The four successful candidates received our unique onboarding executive coaching, with three of them going on to be promoted within two years.



"Endaba has a highly professional approach to research and recruitment, and we are very pleased with the excellent quality of candidates we have appointed as a result of their search and selection activities. They take a holistic approach, and are thorough and progressive in the way they operate. As a result, they have been able to identify candidates with a strong cultural fit with our company as well as the right experience and abilities. Endaba has a broad range of skills and services, not just research and recruitment. They provided an excellent quality of candidate and took away much of the work normally involved in early-stage candidate filtering, presenting us with a high quality shortlist that allowed us to focus on final stage selection."




James Cashmore, Trading Director, Homeserve Warranties



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