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This I know...
"I wish I had learnt sooner that starting a question with 'Why' creates a defensive response and the use of ‘What, How, When, Where or Which’ supports constructive dialogue."
Michelle Woodbridge (née Howchin)
Senior Director E-Commerce Delivery, ASDA
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"We're culturally conditioned to see 'Leadership' as a force of extroversion, but in my experience, the strongest leaders possess a quiet power, blending listening and reflection with confident action to move everyone forward. You don't need a TEDX platform, 'business influencer' status or powerful network to galvanise your team, to stabilise a share price or to launch a new product to market - you need focus, consistency and a few flashes of lateral thinking."
Emma Saunter
Head of Brand Marketing, Pictet Group
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"Always be open to people's opinions, we always have something to learn no matter how many years under our belt. When we stop learning is when we stop growing.”
Nicole Sokol
VP Product Development, Independent Consultant
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"Trust is one of the most powerful values. It fuels relationships which in turn drive business and growth - both commercially and personally.Trusting yourself and your colleagues to deliver, problem solve and support each other makes work both productive and enjoyable. Human interaction and community is as important at work as it is throughout our lives."
Josie Cartridge
Global Marketing Director, Net-a-Porter
This I know...
“After a 25-year career with Unilever and in many leadership roles, what I have learnt is that relationships and building positive meaningful relationships is ‘gold dust’ in being able to get anything done. The most powerful way of building truly meaningful relationships is through being vulnerable as a leader, but be vulnerable with skill. In addition, I have learnt that story telling is the most powerful driver of behaviour change and as leaders we should tell more stories, vs rely on rationale and data.”
Geoff McDonald
Former Global VP HR, Unilever
This I know...
“After thirty years in the business world working with and coaching some exceptional people, I've come to a significant realisation: imposter syndrome isn't unusual; it's a common experience for many during their career journey. If you're invited to take on a particular role or space, chances are, you belong there. The best advice I've received stresses the importance of not letting tasks you dislike define you to others, as it wastes your innate talents. If I could offer guidance to my younger self, I'd encourage her to leave companies whose values don't align with hers promptly; they're not worth her time, and to remember, to put a financial value on your own time, this is crucial – as it's the most important asset we have.”
Franki Hale
Owner, Sonder Associates
This I know...
“Embrace the present moment fully, recognising its potential and opportunities. Equally important is the ability to release the past, understanding that dwelling on past mistakes or successes can hinder growth. Instead, it's crucial to trust in the future, knowing that change and progress are inevitable, new experiences are how we grow, innovate and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Sometimes, this necessitates letting go of familiar routines, beliefs, or roles to make space for new possibilities to flourish.”
Todd Overmyer
International Consultant, ThriveLife Oasis SL
This I know...
“Follow your passion. Find what makes you happiest and give it all you’ve got, because there is no magic wand. It’s all about hard work, resilience and surrounding yourself with great people. Motivation comes from within, so you’ve got to love what you do.”
Deirdre Quinn
CEO & Co-Founder, Lafayette 148
This I know...
“Nobody comes to work to do a bad job - leadership is about helping them to do a good one!”
Christine Cross
Director, Christine Cross Ltd
This I know...
“To my younger self, fuel your curiosity with questions, let your natural inquisitive nature guide you - everyone has a story to share. Don't let your perceptions of time constrained leaders hinder your conversations, network actively and confidently. Every conversation is a stepping stone to unlock future possibilities. Leaders appreciate genuine interest and engagement. Explore things that pique your interest, the most unconventional path might lead to the most interesting of opportunities. Remember, "everything is possible" isn't just a hopeful statement; it's a powerful reminder to seize opportunities with an open mind. So, embrace your curiosity, actively connect with others; the most fulfilling adventure is the one you create for yourself.”
Vanessa McDaid
Founder, Oak House Consulting

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