Our purpose

Our mission is to see you succeed; to elevate everyone we work with, to champion their growth and bring out their very best. We live this mission in our work with our clients, but also as a team, and as a member of our global community.

We’re proud to be a certified B Corp, part of a movement creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy for all people, and for the planet. We are a B Corp because we can imagine a world in which everyone is empowered and informed, and in which business is a force for good.

What does Endaba mean?

It’s based on an ‘Indaba’ which is a coming together of people, who each apply their own influence as they strive towards a solution which is co-created, co-owned, and co-delivered.

You can see why we love that ethos.

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Working with Endaba’s team, I knew I was in good hands. It’s incredible when somebody sees what you’re capable of and lifts you up you to achieve it. They created a relationship of trust and support and really delivered on their promises.”

From a former candidate